Chiropractic Adjustment For Low Back Pain

chiropractic adjustment for low back pain  If you are suffering from low back pain, a non-surgical treatment you may want to consider is the chiropractic adjustment you can get from a chiropractor. A chiropractor focuses on treating low back pain with adjustments, spinal manipulation and other treatment of the body structures that surround the spine and the area of the pain. The treatment is basically a hands-on approach.

If you know anyone who sees a chiropractor for chronic back pain, you may have heard them refer to the chiropractor ‘cracking’ their back.  What they are referring to is the manual manipulation which is also known as the chiropractic adjustment.

How Chiropractic Adjustment Works

The chiropractic adjustment is a quick, short arm thrust that is applied to abnormal spinal vertebra, more commonly referred to as the ‘back bone’. This causes the release of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which relieves joint pressure. You may hear this gas release as a ‘cracking’ sound.

Pain After Chiropractic Adjustment

For the majority, the chiropractic adjustment provides a sensation of relief. However, there are some who report some minor discomfort that last only a short time. This happens if the muscles are in a spasm or if you tense up during the adjustment.

If you suspect you are too tense to undergo the adjustment or if your back is in a spasm, you need to talk with your chiropractor. He can apply ice to the area before the manipulation or do some electrical stimulation and massage to promote adequate relaxation in preparation for the adjustment.

Chiropractic adjustment is done to improve the functionality of the back, reduce the irritability of the nerves and restore range of motion to the back.

Chiropractic Adjustment Also Known As Spinal Manipulation

Another name for chiropractic manipulation is spinal manipulation. It may also be referred to as osteopathic manipulative treatment or OMT. Spinal manipulation combines osteopathy with chiropractic therapy and physical therapy.

Osteopathy, chiropractic therapy and physical therapy are all based on the belief that many diseases and conditions are related to problems within the musculoskeletal system- the nerves, muscles and bones-  and that the structure of the body is strongly related to the function of the body.

Spinal manipulation is just one of a spectrum of manual (hands-on) therapies available to treat back and neck pain. Studies have shown that people who suffer from back or neck pain and who undergo spinal manipulation recover faster and with less medication and physical therapy.

A spinal manipulation treatment may involve specific manual manipulations to release pressure, align your joints and muscles and to improve the blood circulation. The aim is to restore and maintain health.

You may also receive some gentle stretching and mobilizing techniques through chiropractic mobilization. The goal of this is to increase the range of motion in those muscles and joints.

Chiropractic adjustment and mobilization, along with other spinal manipulation techniques, may provide an effective and safe alternative treatment for your low back pain.