Kick Lower Back Pain with Supportive Shoes

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The excruciating pain that is felt by lower back pain sufferers is depriving them from living a normal life. The pain and discomfort can be very stressful.

There are even times when these back problems hinder a person from performing activities of daily living. If you are one of these sufferers, you do have options to manage your back condition.

You can take prescribed medications like muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory & pain killers. You can purchase a number of things that can help you combat low back pain. You can buy a quality mattress that provides you with a firm surface, a good chair or couch that enables you to maintain proper posture.

A Pair Of Supportive Shoes For Lower Back Pain

Basically, a pair of shoes is a necessity. People use them everyday to support and protect the feet from all the external factors that can cause stress, pain and discomfort. But do many give a second thought as to what supportive shoes are. Everyone should wear shoes that are not only comfortable but also supportive, especially during prolonged standing and walking.

Unfortunately, no matter how important the support and comfort a pair of shoes should give, a lot of people are choosing fashion over function. Most people would love to have those funky, chunky and expensive designer shoes.Falling for fashion instead of protection. Some even think that they are not in style if they don’t wear the latest pair of fashionable shoes.

That is a bad habit to get into. When you walk in the wrong pair of shoes, no matter how cute, the muscles of your lower extremities tend to put a lot of stress on your lower back.

Guide To Choosing The Right Pair Of Supportive Shoes

The best types of shoes that can offer support are sturdy flats and low-heeled shoes. They can give adequate support, especially if you are required to stand and walk for a long period of time. They also lessen the pressure exerted on the back.

Footwear with adequate arch support works best for your lower back. Shoes that tend to give you dropped arches can contribute to lower back pain. The way the legs are positioned can increase the stress on the lower back.

Normally, the foot should roll over from the heel to the forefoot. Stay away from high-heeled shoes because they prevent you from maintaining proper gait. When your gait is impaired, you need to increase the effort of your muscles. This type of footwear increases the load on the lower extremities that leads to lower back pain.

Always make sure that the shoe fits! Do not buy shoes that are too tight. They will only restrict your foot from moving freely. Do not buy into “the shoe will stretch” concept. The shoe may stretch in the future but for now it is more important to stick with a pair of shoes that fits perfectly now.

Wearing the right type of footwear is essential. It is not really the brand or design that is significant. It is how the shoe fits your foot that counts. Think “Cinderella’- your shoes should fit your feet perfectly, not your feet trying to fit those pair of shoes!