Laser Surgery For Chronic Back Pain

laser surgery for back pain

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Chronic back pain is a condition wherein a person suffers from persistent pain without having any relief. Despite trying numerous treatments, the pain just doesn’t go away. Chronic pain is said to occur over and over again for at least 3 to 6 months. Some people even suffer for years.

Organic diseases, poor posture and bad body mechanics may cause chronic back pain. The constant wear and tear of the body can also turn your common back problem into a chronic back pain.

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, your treatment choices may be limited. You might be asked to undergo an invasive surgery to correct anomalies or remove the cause of your pain, such as slipped discs or bony growths.

Choice Of Operation For Chronic Back Pain

Undergoing an operation can be frightening. You don’t know what will happen to you. You will have to deal with a deep incision and induction with general anesthesia. These procedures can lead to a lot of problems and complications.

Although surgeries are invasive, they have high success rates in correcting a lot of  medical conditions. Surgeons highly recommend them and there are many people who are willing to try them.

Surgeries are often beneficial and, at times, the treatment of choice. With all the advancements in health care, the cure can easily be at your own reach through the hands of a surgeon

Laser Surgery For Chronic Back Pain

Laser surgery for the spine is becoming popular. It may be the best cure to your back problem. A lot of people have had this type of procedure.

If you want to know the advantages in opting for this procedure, here are some of the facts that can help you decide.

  • Since this is considered as a non-invasive procedure, you don’t have to deal with any deep incision and there is less tendency for complications like bleeding and infection to occur.
  • This procedure is done with a small incision. The incision is used to access the painful regions of the back. This is also considered the most crucial part of the surgery.
  • On the positive note, the tiny incision causes just minimal damage to the skin and surrounding tissues. Less injury means less pain, less complications and a shorter duration of hospitalization.
  • Laser surgery requires you to be placed under local anesthesia for just about an hour. You won’t have to deal with serious anesthesia induced complications such as aspiration, loss of gag reflex, numbness and respiratory depression.
  • The best thing about laser spine surgery is the fact that the healing process is immediate. You don’t have to deal with unwanted scars.
  • You won’t have to deal with intense anxiety and pain. Knowing that you are having a non-invasive surgery can leave you worry free.

In some cases, chronic back pain can be cured by laser surgery. Consult with your doctor. Laser surgery for your chronic back pain may be the right thing for you.