Lower Back Pain Relief The Oriental Approach

Old Chinese medical chart on acupuncture meridians

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For more natural lower back pain relief, you can opt for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Practiced for more than 3500 years, TCM has documented effectiveness in relieving lower back pain.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that pain is felt when there is an obstruction in the flow of blood through the organs and tissues. Traditional Chinese medicine as a method for lower back pain relief is intended to increase the circulation of the blood going to the back. TCM for back pain include techniques like lower back stretching exercises, acupuncture, massage, herbs and liniments.

Tai Chi Is An Extension Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Originally developed in China as a self-defense technique, tai chi has now evolved into a graceful form of work-out routine. This type of stretching exercise involves gentle flowing movements. It is considered as “meditation in motion”.

The goal of this exercise is to reduce the stress that you are feeling, especially the tension that has developed in your back. The slow and composed movement tends to relax your mind and body as it releases tension on your back muscles.

Physical fitness is not a requirement for executing the slow, rhythmic movements of tai chi. The low impact of tai chi is even suitable for older adults. It not only relieves tension but it is also a way to strengthen your back muscles and increase your flexibility. It is one of the safest ways that you can exercise for lower back pain relief.

Lower Back Pain Relief And Acupuncture 

In China, acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years as an effective treatment not only for pain, but also for depression, headache and allergies. This type of therapy is affordable and safe. Acupuncture as an effective method for lower back pain relief is even supported by studies and research. As a result, many insurance companies are now covering acupuncture as a proven treatment measure.

The therapy is based on a theory that the body is made up of channels where Qi, or energy, flows through. If these channels are obstructed, stress and other illnesses can occur. Therefore, the main objective of acupuncture is to unblock obstructed channels, or medians, with the use of inserting very thin needles into the affected areas. This technique releases the Qi and allows it to flow freely throughout the body.

Herbs and Liniments

Herbs are the soul of Chinese medicine. The correct choice of natural herbs can aid in curing many ailments. It may not be the complete solution for lower back pain relief but it can still provide you with essential benefits.

Medicinal herbs do not have serious adverse reactions linked to it. They are considered a safe treatment option when provided by a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner.

Ginger and sesame oil are a popular herbal combination in creating an effective liniment for lower back pain relief. Mixing equal parts of ginger juices and pure sesame oil together can be a helpful homemade solution for you.

Rubbing it on the painful area of the back warms and circulates the blood flow, thus, reducing pain. You can safely apply it all throughout the day. Just avoid rubbing it on broken skin areas. Remember to stop the application and consult a doctor if a rash develops.

Consider traditional Chinese medicine as a possible treatment for lower back pain relief. The methods do not involve invasive procedures, they are natural remedies that are proven safe and effective, and there is no harm in trying.