Struggling with Back Ache?

Are you struggling with back ache? You are not alone. The majority of people suffer from backpain at some point in their lives. It is even considered the second most common neurological ailment in the US, next to headache.

Back ache is something that can suddenly strike you without warning. It can greatly limit your ability to function normally. Back pain can quickly turn even simple everyday tasks into a burden because of the excruciating pain and discomfort that you feel.

The cause of back ache may vary from one person to another but the distress, pain and immobility that it can bring adversely affects the lives of the people who constantly suffer from it.

Back pain can affect males and females alike. It is not gender or age-specific. This condition can distress a lot of people at any age. In fact, people between the ages of 30 to 60 commonly experience back pain. Surprisingly, even pre-teens are afflicted with this condition.

Back Ache in Children

Back ache felt by school-age children is usually the result of backpack overload. Carrying heavy objects on their back, especially on a daily basis, can result in fatigue and overstretching of the muscles. More school-age children today are seeking their doctor’s help because of backpain.

Another cause of back pain in children is scoliosis. Scoliosis can be common in adolescents. Teenagers with scoliosis are prone to back pain due to the misalignment of their spine.

Causes of Back Ache

Back ache typically involves the ligaments and muscles that surround the spine and nerves that control them. Common back pain has no core major problems or chronic structural damages linked to it.

In other cases, back ache is usually brought about by a malfunction in the physical structures that are responsible in supporting and maintaining the function of the spine, such as the vertebral disc or surrounding muscles and ligaments. Other causes of back pain may be more specific and can be due to conditions such as anatomical defects or untreated diseases.

Back ache is frequently linked to the aging process as bone strength and muscle tone degenerate. However, something as seemingly simple as using the wrong body mechanics can be a reason for many people to develop back pain. Lifting heavy things the wrong way, sudden jerky movements and bending over from the back are the most common, ill-fated body movements that can definitely result in back pain.

An acute back ache can result from things such as overstretching of the muscles or compression of the spine. On the other hand, chronic back pain is usually related to degenerative conditions such as arthritis, disc diseases, joint irritation, osteoporosis,  or bone diseases, viral infections and congenital anomalies of the spine.

Aside from these predisposing factors, there are also lifestyle aspects that can definitely cause back pain, such as a sedentary lifestyle, poor sleeping position, smoking, obesity, weight gain during pregnancy, stress and over-training. Even scar tissue from a previous back injury can also become a culprit behind constant backache.

Diagnosing the Cause of Your Back Pain

MRI’s and CT scans are two of the diagnostic tests that can provide you with dimensional images of muscles organs and nerves. The application of these modern diagnostic techniques entails that people who experience constant back ache have bulging intervertebral discs. However, bulging discs are not good indicators for the cause of back pain because there are also people who normally have bulging discs.

Back ache may be easy to eliminate. With the right knowledge, you can basically manage it. However, taking care of your back is imperative. The muscles of the spine should be relaxed when they are not in use and they should respond smoothly when they entail movement. You can easily do this by applying techniques such as proper body conditioning, body alignment and proper body mechanics.

Back ache injury prevention is indeed important. As always, prevention is easier than the cure.