The Culprit Behind Upper Back Pain Is The Back Packs

back packs upper back pain

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The studies are in and the results are final; Bags can cause upper back pain. They may be small, but the weight you put in them can make them the primary culprit behind upper back pain and discomfort.

For most people, bags are indispensible. Many of us commonly use backpacks, shoulder bags and sling bags. You might be one of those who prefer to bring one everyday. You place all your things inside your bag and carry everything, everywhere you go. This daily routine increases the tendency in developing unbearable back pain.

Children and Back Packs

Adults are not the only people who suffer from these problems. Backpacks are the most common cause of back pain in children. It is even considered  a common reason children visit their doctor.

Children carry their backpacks every school day. Backpacks are filled with heavy books, notebooks and school supplies. Too much weight is frequently placed on their neck, shoulders and upper back. The heavier the bag, the more the child will experience terrible pain.

You should evaluate your child’s situation. He/she might be suffering from this problem. Knowing the cause will make it easier for you to handle the situation. You can easily take precautions to help your child. You just have to know the exact cause.

Symptoms of Bag Trauma

The pressure that is placed on the neck, shoulders and back may lead to pain, redness and discomfort. No matter how heavy a shoulder bag is, many women seem to carry them everywhere they go. That is one reason women commonly experience these symptoms on one side of the upper back and shoulders. Children, on the other hand, experience these symptoms equally on both sides due to the identical straps of their backpacks.

You may also experience muscle stiffness and tightening on your upper back. These symptoms often radiate toward the shoulders and neck. Again, these problems are due to the weight and stress that bags tend to place on your upper back.

Lifting heavy bags can also cause overstretching of the back muscles. Trying to bend over can lead to back strains, especially if you are lifting objects with poor body mechanics.

Treatment of Bag-Inflicted Upper Back Pain

The treatment is simple. You just have to deal with the cause. You don’t need to eliminate the use of bags. You just have to apply helpful and prevention techniques.

Instead of using backpacks, encourage your children to use rolling backpacks. They don’t have to suffer from carrying too much load. They can easily push and pull these rolling bags. It would be easier for them to use bags that they can just move around.

For sling bags and shoulder bags, you should carry them alternately on both sides. After a few hours of carrying the load on one side, transfer it on the other side. Distributing the weight will lower the tendency of putting extra pressure on one side of the body. You can also give time for the other side of the body to relax.

Upper back pain is a frustrating problem if you don’t know how to deal with the origin of your pain. However if you can pinpoint the exact cause of your back pain, you won’t have any problems in dealing with it.